The 2005 Sundance Film Festival, forefront for independent films in the US, and one of the world’s most publicized and respected film festivals, was at it again January 20-30 in Park City, Utah. While the Festival is well known for its abundance of parties and celebrities, making it almost a “trendy” thing to be at rather than for its original intent of supporting independent film, Sundance remains, and always will be at its core, a medium for new artists on the horizon.

As a happening/destination/experience, Sundance has morphed into a mega-event, way more than just movies. It's now a multi-dimensional sensory experience -- that we enjoyed thoroughly even if at times the choices and magnitude were a bit overwhelming.


We had the opportunity to see a lot of films. Some of them were great…and some…not as great, or even appropriate. The wonderful thing about film is, however, that you can be the judge of that yourself. Hopefully the sampling of films we were privileged to view this year will help you keep an eye out for something you might be interested in yourself when the film hits a theater near you!

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Events and Extras

There is no end to the extra-cinema, extracurricular events to participate in:
- private screenings
- hospitality suites
- street happenings

This has become part of the Sundance "culture" -- enjoy it!

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Located in a world-class ski area (Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley, and The Canyons), food options range from sustenance burgers and pizzas to top 3-star French gourmet-level.

Our experiences ran full spectrum:
- eating breakfast & snacks in our condo
- scarfing/wolfing at the many receptions and parties
- truly fine cuisine

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